The Importance Of Being An Organizer, As A Human Being

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One thing that Marcus stated that he learned through his experience is the importance of supporting and giving back to his community. He views institutions like Africana and Ujamaa as integral parts of his community. He particularly credits his hall director for such a positive experience.
My RHD was a phenomenal human being. If you were a janitor, RHD, president of the University, I felt that he would have treated me much the same way. I modeled many aspects of myself as an organizer, as a human being, on [him]. Conclusions. A significant part of one 's undergraduate experiences are the friendships that are made. These friendships are born out of shared experiences. Each participant discussed how integral cultural centers and organizations were in enhancing their experiences. Living and spending time in an ethnic theme house contributed to that feeling of safety, not just physically but emotionally. Even those participants that did not live in an ethnic theme house mentioned the importance of the support that they received as members of the community. Staff who worked in these cultural centers helped Black students cope with difficult situations by showing compassion. Ethnic theme housing seems to provide a sense of home for Black students who feel isolated on campus. The Africana Center was important even for those students who never took a class. The ability to spend time with other students at the center was just as important in creating bonds. The COSEP…
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