The Importance Of Being Used During The Classical Period Of Music

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In the first movement of Wolfgang Mozart’s piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, it presents numerous features of what is being used during the classical period of music. The recording that was made by the Prague Chamber Orchestra is a good way to hear all of the classical features in the first movement. The first movement is the first track on the album that was published in 1985. While it has an excellent recording of the movement, it is not a traditional quartet but a larger ensemble. Along with that, the score to the piece itself is a good aid to see the features presented as well. It is a good visual aid to pinpoint where the classical features are in the first movement, and it is good to use along with the audio recording so the listener can see where the features may be without fully analyzing the movement, despite it being a mini score. With its features, it is also in a very popular form that was used during the classical period. In his article “Sonata Form”, James Webster breaks down and describes what sonata form is and how it was used. He also briefly discusses the distinction between sonata form and its other related forms even though the first movement to Mozart’s piece is in one version of the sonata form. One biography about Wolfgang Mozart, which was found on The, discusses his entire life. They talk about from when he was just a child learning to how no one knows he died. Although it does go into great detail, it does not mention his…
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