The Importance Of Benefits Of Skills- Based Volunteering Essay

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One of the most important benefits of skills- based volunteering is the ability to build leadership skills. During a student’s college career, leadership development is taught through a traditional classroom setting, which teaching what are crucial leadership skills and what theories are out there. With only 25 College of Business registered student organizations, there is also a limited number of ways to gain leadership positions in the College of Business. Therefore, there is only a limited number of ways to practice essential leadership skills. Communication and Tactical Skills As stated in Rob Denton and Anthony Note article, “Developing Leadership Skills Through Skills- Based Volunteering” on the web site Association for Talent Development, they state “The drawback to relying solely on this training approach to develop current and future leaders is that learning is usually completed without developing real world application of the new skills. A comprehensive skill-based approach to volunteer programs can be a benefit for the individual, community, and company (school in this case).” By only allowing in classroom opportunities, and a limited number of student organization leadership positions, there needs to be more ways for students to grow and practice their leadership abilities. As Alice Korngold states in an article on, “People grow and become leaders by making a commitment to a cause, and having personal responsibility and accountability”, students
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