The Importance Of Bilingual Education

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Learning any new language is a matter which requires time, dedication and support. When considering English language learners, or ELLs, and their language acquisition it is also important to consider all factors such as educational, financial, location and more importantly the law. Depending on the location different legislations and regulations are in place that have an effect on the education of ELLs. For example, the state of Massachusetts, banned the use of bilingual education in schools. However when considering older ELL students who have more academic knowledge in their native language it is likely that they may know much of the material for example in math or science class. However learning the concepts and or new concepts when the acquisition of English is subpar is difficult and is why many students will end up having to repeat grades or worse are labeled as needing to be in special education. However in Massachusetts legislators are reconsidering English only education and are currently in the process of voting to overrule the decision. The argument lies in the fact that so many ELL students are getting left behind and or are being labeled as special needs students. Some local legislators have suggested that it is unfair at best to measure an ELL student’s success in their academics when they are still struggling to learn the language. As (Vaznis 2017) noted the amount of ELL students is growing especially in the United States, due to this legislators can no
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