The Importance Of Bilingualism

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A bilingual means being able to speak two languages fluently. According to various scientific researches, it has been proved that being bilingual affects how the person thinks. Bilinguals tend to change the way they think and perceive the worldview as they change languages.

I used the methodology of participant observation, my participant was, Nasheli Ortiz, her first language is Spanish, which is what she had been learning and spoke since she was a child. While working with her during the Philadelphia Fashion Week, I observed how she had a different way of saying certain words and she spelled it the way the she pronounced it. For example, she was talking about “gloves” but she was pronouncing it and writing it as “globes”. Due to Nasheli’s Spanish background she has learned to say the word like this, because, in Spanish the letter ‘v’ is pronounced as ‘b’. Therefore, this is how bilingualism affects a persons’ brain and how he thinks and writes in another language.

My second participant was my mother, she has been born and brought up in India. She is a multilingual, as in India they teach us different languages since we are in 5th grade. She went to a ‘Gujarati-medium’ school, as she lived in a north-western state of India, Gujarat, where the base language was ‘Gujarati’ and it changes in every state. Although, she did learn different language such as Hindi and English, which are the official languages of the Union Government of the Republic of India and as mentioned

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