The Importance Of Bill Of Rights In The United States

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As the preamble to the Consitution states "We the people...". We the people have unalienable rights endowed by our creator (referencing the preamble to the Declaration of Independence), have been given rights, that we are abided to. I am here to explain to, give reason to, to dive into "How does learning about government and our America help you become a future guardian of the liberties of our country?" I will be handing out information about three specific topics, what we have as of now, how we can protect it, and how we should leave it for the next generation. Without further ado.

For what we have now, I believe that our founding fathers would be proud. As we have followed their ideology and methodology. Thus we have kept a stable government and a stable society for almost two and a half centuries and if science and math proves, we have a good ratio which shows how the coming years might play out. Us Americans have been given numerous rights and more have been added on to the list throughout the years. I'll go over the basic Bill of Rights, only one of the rights for written sake (Not to mean this one is more important than others). To start with, the first amendment, the right of freedom of religion, press, speech, assemble, and finally petition. These are all important,
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We the people have taken up the role as teachers of the kings, the next generation. We have instilled many ways to keep our next generation educated, with the right for everyone to go to school, for everyone to have primary education. Teachers are one of the most influential people of our lives these days, having been giving us the fundamentals for our education and further. We need to teach these basic fundamentals, fundamentals such as manors, basic respect, and things alike. The big idea of this essay is educating and informing the next generation, the kings, about how we should move forward to make sure that we the people have a bright
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