The Importance Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity Loss I. Introduction Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms (Cho, 2011). Currently, an extreme loss of biodiversity is a problem that is being caused by human activities. A major report in 2005 stated that due to human actions, between 10% and 30% of mammal, bird, and amphibian species are threatened with extinction, since then, the problem has only increased (Shah, 2014). The topic of biodiversity is of interest and significant to me, and others, because it provides all humans with food and materials as well as providing essential ecological services (WWF, n.d.). This topic is significant to the field of biology because biology is the study of life, and biodiversity is an essential part of that. II. Topic Where does…show more content…
Another human activity that can cause a loss of biodiversity in introducing invasive species into ecosystems which can cause the decline or even extinction of native species. Anthropogenic global warming is also a major cause of ecosystem changes, like rising sea level and temperature changes, which affects biodiversity (Gitay et al. 2002). Who benefits? Short term, there are many species, humans, and industries that benefiting from the conditions that are causing losses in biodiversity. Some species, such as invasive species or species that were prey to the endangered species, will benefit because they will have more available resources or will have fewer natural predators. There are humans and industries, such as the fishing industry, that are benefiting from the conditions, like over-fishing, that are causing biodiversity loss. Long term, there are no benefits to a loss in biodiversity. Invasive species and previous prey will exceed the carrying capacity of the ecosystem and will die out. When enough biodiversity is lost, humans and industries that previously benefited will no longer be able to continue the activities that were beneficial to them. III. Biological Concepts Level of organization The loss of biodiversity affects all levels of organization. Even if a species in not directly impacted, they could affected by the changes to other species that are impacted. Ecosystems are complex webs, so a change to one aspect of them can
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