The Importance Of Biodiversity

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The complexity of life on Earth requires a complex system of interactions to ensure the sustainability of life. The driving force of this system of interactions is biodiversity. McGrath of the National Wildlife Federation provides a clear definition of this concept. Biodiversity is simply the variety in biological systems (McGarth). Although this definition seems to imply variation in organisms, the concept describes something more complex. Biodiversity specifically refers to the variety in three areas of biology: species, genetics, and ecosystems (McGrath). Therefore, biodiversity can be defined as the diversity and interactions that exist in species, genetics, and ecosystems. In this essay, I will illustrate that biodiversity is fundamental to the sustainability of life on Earth as the complex network of biological interactions ultimately benefits individual organisms and I will describe one current threat to biodiversity. Biodiversity’s value lies in its position as the driving force of sustainability of life on Earth. The variations in genetics, species, and ecosystems creates interactions that are overall constructive for individual organisms and populations. Hooper relates this phenomenon in mathematical terms as a system made up of individual components that functions to serve the components. In simpler terms, individuals of a biological system each have a part to play in the larger role of sustaining life (Hooper, 2005). Of course, we must take this into the context
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