The Importance Of Bioethics

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3. Biotechnology is rapidly advancing, and in my opinion, society must adopt some safeguards in order to handle this rapid advance. The biggest safeguard that I believe society must adopt is, bioethics. Bioethics is the study of ethical issues involved in biological research. I believe that society must adopt bioethics as a safeguard because experts must think about the effect that biotechnology will have before using it. Bioethics should be highly considered because it does not defend one particular moral attitude, it takes into account all factors, whether it be right or wrong. Ethical decisions are needed for many biotechnological advances such as genetic cloning, the use of fetal tissues, and the genetic engineering of crops. Bioethics is needed in these types of biotechnological advances because they directly affect the heath of a human population, and experts are now required to think past it only working. Experts and societies should consider the effects on the human before and after doing these procedures on humans, especially because it could potentially change their whole life. Furthermore, society should consider the ethical questions raised, such as, will this help the human? How will it effect their life? Can I fix the negative outcomes? Will the positive surpass the negative? These are the safeguards that should be instituted using bioethics. Therefore, because of the rapid advances in biotechnology, the safeguard that should be instituted is bioethics,
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