The Importance Of Birth Control

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How has birth control benefited us today? In the past, many women were constantly having unwanted pregnancies because they did not know how to prevent it. There are many people today that have more than 10 siblings because they’re parents didn’t have knowledge of birth control to help take care of themselves. The Comstock act of 1873 was passed in the United States which prohibited to spread any knowledge of birth control. Birth control was a controversial idea because there were people that did not agree with it because of religion, it was believed the be a crime. Margaret Sanger dedicated her life to get information out into the world to save women and children from unwanted pregnancies so they can have a better future. Women were not…show more content…
Sanger believes that “to prevent repetition, to effect the salvation of the generation of the future- nay of the generation of today- our greatest need is first of all the ability to face the situation without flinching, and to cooperate in the formation of a code of sexual ethos based upon a thorough biological understanding of human nature.” Sanger says that birth control is important in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies which can lead to poverty because the baby would be born at the wrong time when the parents aren’t ready. It is important to prevent the future generation from repeating the last generation.
The birth control movement wasn’t always successful. While Sanger was doing her best to change the future for women, many people did not believe in her. Sanger had opened the very first birth control in the United States in 1916. Sanger and her sister were later arrested and sent to jail for 30 days for breaking the Comstock law. The Comstock law prohibited any knowledge of birth control to be spread, it was illegal but Sanger did everything in her power to teach women how to protect themselves. Sanger published an article called “The Woman Rebel” which promoted birth control by giving information about it and teaching them what they can do to prevent pregnancies.
In today’s society, birth control has become very
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