The Importance Of Birth Control

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Should birth control be accessible to women? Should birth control be covered by insurance? There are many public debates covering the topic of birth control. Some of these debates cover which methods of contraception are the most effective ways at obtaining couple’s reproductive plans, while other debates include whether or not insurance should cover the cost of contraceptive, also the short and long term effects, how to increase use of birth control among sexually active individuals, and there are still questions over why there are so many methods that focus on women being fertile and compare those to people who focus on men’s fertility. Being able to control women's fertility affects the wellbeing of society by providing strategies and…show more content…
Other social factors include religious beliefs, moral values, the actual purpose of birth control, and the concern over the side effects.

Birth Control being available has raised some important questions about the relationships between couples and their reproductive control. Traditionalists argue that pregnancy and childbearing are the roles of women, given their ability to get pregnant and give birth. Others against this view, view this as the motherhood and reproduction are one of the choices that the woman has available to her. Providing these options to women allow them to control their fertility has caused a shift by moving motherhood and pregnancy from it being a duty to one of choice. This shift is a consequence of changes to the economic structure of contemporary families, changes to the work force, and the number of increased opportunities for women. With ongoing research developments in fertility control, it provides women with innovated choices involved with contraceptive. These choices allow women to accommodate birth control to fit their life circumstances and individual needs.

Today, most of the debates focus on advantages and disadvantages of the many different contraceptive methods. The most common debates focus on whether it’s temporary or if it is a permanent method of prevention. Others debate on the benefits of natural versus the barrier methods of controlling the reproduction process. The main debate is

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