The Importance Of Birth Order And Its Effect On Leadership

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Some people have always assumed that the oldest child is a natural leader. In that same fashion, some people feel the youngest child most often grows up a follower and remains a follower in adulthood. There’s some research to support these assumptions that birth order can determine how one leads. This paper will examine the importance of birth order and its effect on leadership.
So, what is birth order? The term birth order refers to the rank of siblings by age. Birth order is believed to have significant and lasting psychological effects on an individual. The effects of birth order on the overall development of a person have continued to have an existence in both personal and professional life. What is personality?
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With the second child, the parents tend to be less attentive thus leading the child be more of a people-pleaser and diplomatic (Connor, 2007) thus creating a follower style type. The last born child is thought as rebellious and displays a spoiled attitude not typically a leadership trait. As the family size increases, the parental resources are divided more sparsely among all children. Many factors such as birth order, siblings, genes and circumstances all unquestionably play a greater role in the development of a child’s personality (Healey, 2007) thus impacting the type of leader displayed.
According to Healey (2007), parents get excited about their first born child and tend to be overprotective, pay more attention, investments and high expectations on the child. It is understandable that parents may be able to expend more resources on the first born, especially in smaller families if there is a gap between the other siblings. Gordman’s research (2008) supports the previously mentioned statements by showing the effect birth order has on educational attainment. Gordman (2008) confirms Grinberg’s (2015) statements regarding the possibility that more resources are reserved for the first born. This research further proves that the first born has better resources and informal support to help increase the chances of being successful. For this paper, success is
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