The Importance Of Body Image

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Body image and appearance is something women caution about when it comes to their bodies. Numerous women care about how they look like, how others think of them and how they feel about themselves. Therefore, women feel embarrassed of their appearance in comparison to others. The concept of being thin is something female desire when looking at themselves in the mirror. Nevertheless, several feel dissatisfy when looking in the mirror as the image they see does not portray the image in their mind. Body image is a concerning topic for society as women feel uncomfortable with their own body. Therefore, unhealthy habits arise as women desire to have and look like the bodies they see online. Social media affect women as they compare their own body to others. This results in unhealthy eating habits which, in the long-term can develop into a severe eating disorder. In comparison women exercise excessively to see their body intention in a quicker pace. Although, past generations have dealt with body image it did not impact women as much as the current day. Previously, women saw other females on television and compared themselves to the picture on the screen. Though the women observing did not know them, it still affected how ladies perceived themselves when looking at their reflection. Likewise, in the modern period, body image is becoming a large issue as new social media platforms engage women to follow their friends and as well celebrities. Now, suddenly women are not only
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