The Importance Of Bonobos And Well Rounded Animals

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Bonobos are smart and well-rounded animals because they are omnivores, however, their diet consists of mostly fruits. During the off seasons of these staple resources, they must rely on fallback food when their preferred foods are unavailable. Extremely social animals, Bonobos search for their food by using a unique form of communication to locate and inform their group members of the food source. A bonobo’s diet is diverse and According to table 3 in The Apes: Challenges for the 21st Century, fruit takes up 55 percent of bonobos diet and 95 percent of their feces volume (Conklin-Brittain 2001, p. 167-174). Fruit is a staple in their diet, however, they also consume high-quality shoots, leaves, mushrooms, seeds, flowers, stems and pith…show more content…
Bonobos use a wide range of communication patterns to help forage for food. In an article titled Preliminary Observation on the Feeding Behavior of Pan Paniscus, researchers studied the feeding behavior of Bonobos over a seven-month period. The researchers reported that when a small group (2-4 Bonobos) located a tree bearing ripe fruit, they would signal by vocalizing to the rest of the group (Badrian, 1981, p. 173-181). Bonobos use five distinct calls when searching for food and a combination of these calls to describe the food quality of the source that they have located (Clay, 2011). When a preferred food is found, peeps and barks are given to the others compared to yelps and grunts that are given to lesser preferred foods. When Bonobos have acquired their food, they are social in their food sharing patterns. A study done by Vicky M. Oeize and her team showed that hunting and meat sharing had more social than nutritional benefits (Oeize, 2008). In another study done that looked at the specifics of how they share their food, the results showed that it is voluntary (Hare, 2010). The experiment was conducted in three adjacent rooms, with the food being in the center room. One Bonobo was placed in the center room and rather than consuming all the food alone, eighty percent of the subjects opened one of the adjacent doors to share with a recipient, even if it meant the recipient would eat all the food. The

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