The Importance Of Book 22 Of The Iliad

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Book 22 of the Iliad (Death of Hector) extensively explores the need for bravery in the face of impending danger. In the contemporary world, different parts of the world have experienced situations that require people to stand up for the country. As seen recently in Europe, there has been a wave of terrorist attacks in major cities in Germany and England and in response, gallant soldiers have fought to keep the terrorists at bay, to avoid a repeat of the same. Citizens have also shown their humane side by coming out in large numbers to help where they could by offering material or any other kind of support. In this case, the focus is on how Hector valiantly stood up for his city, to fight for it despite knowing that Achilles might probably…show more content…
Seeing that Hector would lose against Achilles, Zeus sympathizes with him and is tempted to rescue him but is rebuked by Athena who says that Hector’s fate is to die this way. Athena even states that Hector’s fate is beyond Zeus’s ability to save him in which case he relents and allows fate to take its course. In fact when Achilles fails to catch up with Hector, Athena tips the scales in Achilles favor. She further poses as Hector’s brother giving him false confidence that he has someone to support him in the war that breaks out between the two. Athena assists Achilles in fighting Hector by handing him back the spear while Hector is not aware. From the above description, Athena’s character captures the life of the societal members willing to go great heights for the destruction of their fellows. The same energy she used to help Achilles, she could have used the same energy for the protection of Hector who was fighting for a more worthy cause of defending his city and ridding it of the interference of the outsiders. When Zeus tries using his power to save Hector, he is rebuked by Athena who claims it is his fate to die in the hands of his enemies. The sharp contrasts between Zeus and Athena capture the stark realities in the real world where there are people with good and ill motives. While there are those who are willing to go out of their way for the good of the society,
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