The Importance Of Breast Cancer Treatment

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Breast cancer treatment depends on many factors such as the location of the cancer, the size, if it’s spread and the patient’s general health. Also, treatment currently includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted cancer drugs (Cancer Research UK, 2017a). Further, surgery includes lumpectomy which removes just the cancerous area in an attempt to keep the majority of the breast tissue and has a much shorter recovery time and mastectomy which removes the entirety of the breast including the cancerous area which means there is a smaller chance the patent will require radiotherapy as well (Cancer Research UK, 2017b). In addition, radiotherapy treatment is used to kill cancer cells using high energy x-rays,…show more content…
Moreover, Australian death rates from breast cancer have been rapidly decreasing since the 1980s when drug therapy trials began, in 1983 the rate was at 38% and in 2012 it had completely halved dropping to 19% which shows the effectiveness of the treatment available and how it has improved over the past thirty years (Wilcken, 2017).

Percentage of Breast Cancer Sufferers Who Died from the Disease (Wilcken, 2017)

Further, a study has found that even though chemotherapy is found to be very effective at treating breast cancer it is sometimes unnecessary. Especially considering the side effects as people with low-risk disease will likely do just as well as if they had chemotherapy if they had endocrine therapy after surgery which has far less side effects (Abraham, 2016). Also, radiotherapy after surgery for patients with early breast cancer has been shown to reduce the risk of the cancer returning by half and has fewer long-term adverse effects when the radiotherapy is at a reduced dose (BMJ, 2017). In addition, another study of 8724 women over 70 years of age found that patients with early breast cancer radiation therapy had a low risk of the cancer coming back and therefore a lower risk of requiring a mastectomy. This study also found individuals aged 70-79 who had a
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