The Importance Of Building A Website

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Building a website is an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process and forget all about creating compelling content. But it's that last part that's crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business. It all starts with the "About Us" page, because It tells us a visually interesting story, skips the business babble, that breaks the mold, lets customers and employees do the talking, and have memorable shows, tells, and has a soundtrack. For a remarkable about page, all you need to do is figure out your company's unique identity and then share it with the world. The "About Us" page is one of the most important pages on your website, and it can't go neglected. It also happens…show more content…
Sure, it needs to be polished and free of errors, but it should always sound friendly and real. We know, no industry jargon. If you think it makes you sound super smart on your "About Us" page, think again. People want and appreciate straight talk about what your business does. So, skip the industry lingo, the simple but polished language effectively communicates the company's offering while still allowing the Average Joe to understand it. Try to get rid of jargon on your "About Us" page whenever possible. Use short and punchy sentences to explain complex products and ideas in a way that isn't patronizing, but rather, is empathetic. Instead of following the classic "About Us" script and writing a few paragraphs about the company's mission and origins, try something different, there are plenty of ways to make it more visually compelling. Visual content continues to be on the rise, people like it for a number of reasons, including its ease to skim and absorb. Think about the ways you can use more visual formats to stand out from the typical "About Us" page style of paragraph text. But sometimes, you don't always need to wait for users to get there in order to make a statement. That's part of breaking the mold to showcase your company's personality. Even if you have a dedicated "About Us" page, there are plenty of ways to creatively

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