The Importance Of Building Up The Future Of The Community

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connects to the youth who will build up the future of the community. The YAC organized a cleaning and gathering of educational materials event, in order to invite a member of Congress to visit the organization so that they may see directly how receiving a grant can influence the daily procedures and the difference it can establish towards the organization. Accordingly, the weekend was spent cleaning, building and making sure the center could be in the best condition it can be; making it a warm, friendly, educational environment and ready for the visit from a member of Congress. The organization seemed to follow the three vital steps according to 50cans organizational guidelines for launching a successful advocacy effort: clarify goals,…show more content…
This can be used for the members of their communities to have a voice. (Saasta, 1999) Notably, some of the objectives that were observed from the event were to publicly and directly identify groups and individuals for their assistance and effort, making it public about the work that they have done. Meaning to let those who aid the organization be recognized, whether volunteer or donor. Secondly, action needs to be taken, including being politically active, aiming at the policy-makers who have the ability to advance the organization and targeting the people who have the capability to affect your outcome. Additionally, establishing a way to transfer words to the community needs to be done. This will bring together allies, who will contribute their time, revenue or even both, to aid towards objectives or an organization, as well as knowing what you are talking about. Analyze the issues that you want to address so that you are knowledgeable about the matters and can explain it to others. Finally, to formulate the matters, know the procedure for getting the strategies to be carried out. At any rate, YAC did a fine job with their approach to advocating by encouraging a representative of Congress to visit the nonprofit so that they can directly see how federal funding can form a difference in their
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