The Importance Of Bullying And Look At The Workplace

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Bullying, what is it and who are the people that are motivated in the community to employ strategies that embodies this heinous crime? The definition of Bullying, as taken straight from the web reads, “the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants”. I would like to take the concept of Bullying and look at the types of strategies that people employ with intent, or innocently, to bully others. I will treat the outcomes associated with this crime, that include not only the demoralization of the person or people involved in our social network prone society, but my treatment will also include other horrible outcomes like drug abuse, the destruction of the self-esteem of individuals that often leads to destruction of individuals and even suicide. I will achieve this by basing my treatment on the horrific treatment of Amanda Todd, her treatment ultimately led to her suicide on October 10, 2012.

The Amanda Todd case in particular started a ground swell of community members, government officials and a myriad of others to become involved in numerous conferences and public meetings that were orchestrated to seek ways to identify, communicate and seek ways to circumvent the issue of Bullying within our modern society.
There are three main kinds of Bullying that are applied in society today, and of course one must bear in mind that bullying is something that is not restricted to younger people
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