The Importance Of Bullying In High School

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Bill Gates once said, “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” I wish that I had heard this quote before I went to high school. I spent the first part of my education needing some inspiration similar to this. To explain, I was bullied in Elementary School. From Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, I was teased because I was too smart. There were several times that I would hide on the back of the bus crying after a full day of insults. There was one boy at my school that was the worst. His name was Chaska Lacey. Chaska loved making new insults and nicknames every day to insult my intelligence. And it wasn’t always at school either. Once I was jogging through the town of Waverly in order to stay in shape for basketball season. I was running at a decently consistent pace before I passed Chaska and his younger brother, Jolon. I kept on running because I didn’t want to talk to him. He started following and shouting abuse at me. He said things such as, “Hey, Booky. I didn’t know that you could do anything except read. Look at those legs. I didn’t think that running was even possible for someone that spent that much time doing homework. Can you teach me to read, please?” I eventually out ran him, however it wasn’t before his words made me feel that people didn’t know who I was. People only saw that I was a pair of glasses stuck in a book. I know that what he told me was not incredibly rude, but it still hurt me. I wanted for someone to realize that I was much more
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