The Importance Of Business Communication In An Organization

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Communication is held for commanding orders to the employees. Its nature may be directive or non-directive. At this level the individual commands his workers to accomplish any particular task. It is held to build the relationship between business organizations and its services. It is helpful for employees in understanding the rules and policies of the organization. Also, it helps to transfer the knowledge between higher and lower levels. To spread information in the organization is the main purpose of business communication. It helps in evaluation of activities held in the organization. It helps to assess the outputs of individuals or a team of workers in any organization. It is the best source for providing direction. Individuals at higher levels direct the individuals on the lower level in this way help them to accomplish their tasks. It establishes trust between employees and management. It stops any unnecessary competition within departments and encourages employees to work together harmoniously. The result of a team that works together is high productivity, integrity and responsibility. It also helps in effective decision making. Individuals can make decisions easily if they are provided with the right and proficient information. It also helps to reduce the barriers formed caused by of language and cultural differences. Cultural confusion and miscommunication can be avoided by regularly training any international employers early in their careers. By doing this,
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