The Importance Of Capitalism In America

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In America over periods of time the value of paper money has depreciated. In spite of this decline the need for this commonly used currency is still heavily depended on and continues to skyrocket. Many people conceive the idea that money magically eliminates problems. America has been a capitalist country for decades, so money can be considered fundamental and essential to our survival as Americans. This may be the case for many, but others may disagree. It can be reasoned that capitalism is the base for social, political and economic inequality. The idea of capitalism deceives us into thinking us Americans cannot function as a society without following capitalistic ideas about money. Capitalism in essence creates obstacles as well as financial dilemmas for many Americans. In a capitalistic society, many private owners control the means of production, allowing the government to play a hands-off role when it comes to regulation thus, allowing exploitation to occur. One believes the U.S will continue to collapse as long as we continue to conform to capitalistic ideals. This system forces Americans to become greedy and greed can lead to selfish tendencies. Once an individual becomes selfish they will continue to make egotistical decisions that will benefit few but decimate many. Under capitalistic control the top ten percent usually control the means of production. They control and support some of the most prestigious institutions such as; prep schools, factories, social

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