The Importance Of Career In Physical Education

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The ambition to succeed ultimately is associated with the desire to choose a career that one enjoys not every day, but to every day evoke a change by sacrifice given to benefit others. James Baldwin once quote, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” I have career aspirations to face and evoke change through sports and education. In the context, I will discuss topics such as, why I chose to major in Human Performance, my future career expectations, my strengths and weakness, and the necessity of taking the Human Performance practicum course to develop a career in sports and education.
I am currently a Physical Education student. I originally chose to pursue this major to prepare myself for a potential dream career into physical therapy. However, I recently decided to pursue a career in education and to coach on the interscholastic level of sport. The passion to love sports throughout my childhood on into young adulthood has led me to have the fun at playing multiple sports as a child to seeing the potentiality of pursuing a career in sports now that I am in the young adulthood stage of life. Over the summer, Bridgeforth Middle School administration granted me the opportunity to be an assistant coach for the school’s football team. In summary, the decision to major in Human Performance with an emphasis in Physical Education will help provide me with the knowledge I need to pursue career options such as, coaching jobs,
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