The Importance Of Cell Phones In Society

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(No Title Yet) Our everyday lives are affected by many things. Our friends, family, jobs, teams, school and anything else that makes up our everyday routine affects ourselves. However, one constant thing that helps us connect and interact in all the activities we conquer during the day is our cell phones. Almost everyone in this day in age has one. Cell phones help us keep in touch with friends and family from miles away, create new ways to achieve the full potential of some companies, and help students at any level to turn in their homework and take quizzes for their classes. Whether or not cell phones in society are used too much is a different story; however, with the advancements in technology and the ability to have one object do many things makes cell phones a convenient way to be able to limit the amount of items you need to carry to complete the tasks you have at hand. In an article written by Lauren Winner she shared her view on the usage of phones by people today. In the article entitled “Against the Cell”, Lauren Winner argues that society is constantly on their cell phones, all the time. Winner introduces her topic by explaining that the rules in place that force people to not use their phones in places like the movie theatre or when taking off on a plane are not taken seriously. Winner goes on to identify her own experience with her cell phone and that her cell phone allows her to “maximize her time” when stuck in traffic. (❡ 2). After this, Winner later
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