The Importance Of Censorship

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Censorship is important to the nation because it keeps people's privacy protected from others that could take away their information, and use it to steal things and try to steal their identity. Censorship is useful for the nation because it protects children from bad influence on the internet and protects people and the nation from being harmed.
First, censorship protects people's privacy and information from getting leaked out. How can censorship protects the privacy of people? One reason for censorship is to protect people's privacy in order to protect your privacy is by blocking your information from other people. It protects people’s information such as, their credit cards and other information, like for instance, where they live, who is the person, and all illegal information that the person wants to keep to themselves. “Having someone protect your privacy is more important than letting someone steal your identity” the quote signifies that, it’s better if censorship protects your identity and information from bad people rather than being left without anything and letting other people steal peoples money ...etc. Censorship gets to protect any information that can prevent bad people from harming and messing people's reputation.
Censorship keeps children from inappropriate language and images. Another reason for censorship is to prevent the likelihood of inappropriate language and images from children. Nowadays children are watching inappropriate videos and images,
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