The Importance Of Censorship

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Roughly 25.3% of people encounter at least one form of internet censorship while using the internet.Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of information that are considered to be offensive or a threat to security.Censorship is necessary when certain information will harm a person or group of people, it is considered justified when it offends a person or group of people. Censorship protects people’s privacy, it protects us from false accusations, and harmful information.Without protection of privacy, it causes a disturbance in the society, and also makes people feel uncomfortable in their own communities.False accusations can cause problems within our society and all around the world. Harmful information should be censored because it can cause chaos and insanely harmful reactions.In our world, the internet is literally everywhere. Privacy is much harder to experience, especially when there are approximately 4 billion people using the internet.Censorship in social media is definitely a necessity in the idea of privacy. Apps like Instagram promote people to post pictures of themselves and other. The censorship in Instagram allows people to control who can see and comment on their pictures. This helps stop cyber bullying all over the world.For example, nearly 160,000 kids are bullied everyday day. 35% of those kids are teens are being cyber bullied. With the protection of Instagram, these kids can now post pictures of themselves without being criticized by

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