The Importance Of Censorship

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Censorship Children’s innocence must be protected by censorship. The debate on whether censorship is beneficial to society often compiles to a few main reasons. Subjects like freedom of speech, women’s rights, and children’s innocence is brought into question when discussing censorship. It is an important debate because what is censored influences societal beliefs of what is right and wrong. It decides what truths are revealed publicly. Some people think censorship is beneficial because it supposedly protects children, but it is actually useless because it underestimates children’s tolerance, witholds information, oversexualizes women, and sugarcoats the truth. “Even if it were true that many men would not be affected by such a book, nevertheless can we confidently say that such a book would not be responsible for rapes,” Censorship advocates believe media that is uncensored encourages unacceptable behavior. According to Storck, censorship would inhibit at least one rapist from actually raping someone. “The notion of empowerment seems problematic, suggesting as it does a trajectory that moves towards greater empowerment across the life course,” Many people question the idea of female empowerment insisting that women are using it as an excuse to be openly sexual. Exon claims U.S. law will protect kids from pornography that is easily accessible using their computers and will be against the law for children to participate in sexual conversations on the internet (175).

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