The Importance Of Censorship

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Censorship What does censorship consist of? Today children have access to materials that are perhaps not suitable to add to their knowledge base. Before any measures can be taken to censor what children in our society have access to, we must first define what means can be classified as censorship, and whether or not the repercussions of this action out way what advancement we made through it. A location where one could argue censorship is necessary is our public libraries. One way one could censor a library is to simply take books off the shelf deemed unsuitable. Censorship is not what will solve the problem. There are novels, movies, and music we have classified as individuals as inappropriate for anyone to be in proximity of. The issue is not what is available to our community but the maturity level of those picking it up off the self, and recognizing why we consider a certain object to be unacceptable. Libraries could be censored, but what would actually be accomplished? Censorship is a vain attempt because, we are not actually preventing people from anything that they can't find at another source, the wrong issue is addressed, it may begin innocent but has potentiality to become a system that goes against what freedom means.
Censoring what people are reading or listening to is a fool's errand, because, in our day and age, they will have accesses to that same material through some other source. One can do a search on the internet and find an infinity of books or movies

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