The Importance Of Censorship

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How is Censorship Beneficial?
How is censorship used? Is it good or was it bad? Censorship is a good thing because people do not want kids looking at bad pictures. Censorship stops them from seeing that because it makes it to where there are books being banned and movies being rated. Also, censorship allows the government to control and limit exposure to several different types of things. Censorship is well known and was even used in the past. Censorship should be allowed in schools to prevent kids from seeing things but it should be in some places because as people get older people should be able to handle it.
Intellectuals for centuries have campaigned against censorship such as Ben Franklin to John F. Kennedy to Justice Earl Warren.
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Censorship had great benefits in the society but, on the other hand there are many people who are against censorship. Some thing government should not decide but, however, it is a well thought idea to let the government decide because there is a government for a reason not to just sit there but to make change and make decisions. This helps both sides but leans more towards censorship than against.
“Censorship is the editing, removing, or otherwise changing speech forms of human expressions. In some cases, it is exercised by governing bodies but it is always and continuously carried out by the mass media.” (Censorship) Censorship is used in many places including all across the world and has much significant history behind it. The main places are Great Britain, Soviet Union, Russia, United States, East Germany, and Iran.
Great Britain was one of the earliest countries to allow censorship to be used and if was actually called British Obscenity Laws. “The sentence in 1727 of Edmund Curll for the announcement of Venus in the Cloister or The Nun in her Smock under the Common Laws offense of messing with the King’s peace was the first sentence for obscenity in Great Britain.” (Great Britain Censorship) This allowed many different things like the British copyright laws allowed the king the permission to license publishing. Also set legal precedent for other convictions and without having a government's acceptance, printing would not have been allowed. In Great Britain

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