The Importance Of Censorship In Music

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Censorship is a broad topic that can lead to chaos and misunderstanding if not clearly conveyed for what it is. For example, rock music, the first major threat to traditional thinking caused a divide between generations because of how different and explicit it became in the mid-1900s. It’s no surprise there were people ready to combat rock music. However, what is surprising is the fact that so much happened with so little change in the music around us. Censorship if anything only helped intensify the differences between society. Controversy and censorship in music was around long before the rock music. In fact, a genre called the blues consistently dealt with the imposed censorship on their recordings (McDonald, 1988, pp.295-296). Also race spiked the urge to censor rock and roll even further. With some of the leading people such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard being people of color it was no surprise that there was outrage over their music. Where things get even more traumatic is when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who was a radical racist group told the public not to buy “Negro” records because they were poisoning the youth. This depicts the fact that racism was a heavy combatant against any form of rock and roll. Race played its part in many forms of music (jazz, blues, etc.), but rock music was seen as a major starting point for censorship since it caused such a major divide between the youth and adults (McDonald, 1988, p.297). In today’s society, I believe that genres of
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