The Importance Of Censorship

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Is Censorship a Good Or Bad Thing? (Supposing that censorship is a group of people deciding what other people can read or view within the media, then yes, this is a bad thing.) Everyone should be able to make their own decisions on what they would like to read whenever they please. Censorship is a bad thing because the facts are: personal freedom, all books serve some sort of a purpose, and children should already have a censor in place. First, there are numerous reasons why books should not be prohibited. Furthermore, if people ban one book, they will ban another; the system will continue until the books for students to read are so restricted that they will lose their interest in reading completely. “Every individual in America has the right to read or view whatever book or magazine they choose.” Everyone in America has freedom of speech or of the press, but censorship vanishes that freedom by limiting what children can read or view on the internet. Books should not be banned because it takes away one of the largest freedoms we have in America. Additionally, every book serves a purpose such as: books to educate, inspire, and inform the reader about the topic they are reading about. Unfortunately, if certain books are prohibited, people will not be informed if they did not read a book that had poor content. Individuals will be in cultivated shock if they hear something that they did not read or learn about, due to the fact that books are being censored. When a book is
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