The Importance Of Censorship

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Imagine a society without censorship, where everyone knows each other’s secrets, it would be lethal for society. What would happen if people knew one’s weaknesses?. There is evil that needs to be censored. Censorship is necessary in our society for many different reasons. It protects nations, prevents conflict in society, it protects the morals/privacy of people, and it is also helpful for children.
Censorship Protects a Nation
Censorship is very important in relation to a nation, “It restrains vulgarity and obscenity” (Pillai). It helps the nation against any danger. First, it protects military information that could be used for evil, then, it can also help on controlling panic and rumors throughout a nation, “A similar case was observed in India in 2008 when terrorists attacked The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai” (Pillai). Finally, censorship preserves the secrets of the entire nation, secrets that could put nations in danger (Pillai). Censorship can lead to a peaceful society by protecting our secrets from those who want to harm us.
Censorship Prevents Conflict In Society
Censorship helps to evade conflict in different ways, “Censoring hate helps to promote peace” (11 Biggest Pros and Cons of Censorship). By censoring hate we can stop the rumors of hate through our society, and we could only worry about our community, and not for those who hate. There is wealth violent material in Internet that can be accessed with ease, this exposure is dangerous because it makes
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