The Importance Of Changing My Life

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Carol Burnett once stated, "Only I can change my life, no one can change it for me." Many people struggle to accept the fact that our lives are based on the decisions and actions we make. As humans, we tend to blame those around us on how our life turns out. In high school, students believe that changing your life will take too long and that everything will be okay. In fact, it is best to change your life in high school. If a student from St. Teresa was asked about what they were gonna change this year, most likely the majority of them would say that they want to improve their grades. Personally, every year I strive to improve my grades each year to reach my potential and become as most educated as I can. This year, I want to improve on a lot of things. My three most desired improvements are to increase my GPA to at least a 3.5, improve my relationship with my family, and also improve my soccer skills to benefit my team.
My main focus in life is to improve my education. Improving my education will help me my whole life. I always need it, whether I am filling out my resume or even writing to a college showing my interest in them. At the moment, I have a 3.3 GPA and for the colleges I want to go to, they require at least a 3.5. In order to increase my GPA, I will have to focus more in class and study as much as I can. I am known for procrastinating and not focussing enough during class. My goal this year is to pay as much attention to my teachers and making sure that I don't
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