The Importance Of Cheating And Plagiarism

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Cheating and plagiarism are prominent in all situations that could be cheated or plagiarized; Cheating can be found in academic areas, in sports, in publications, etc. Cheating is integrated in academic setting, such as high schools and colleges. Cheating and plagiarism are even observed past this point, in work settings. In college and in every field of study, there’s so much cheating and plagiarism that it is almost an unavoidable issue. There are software programs, such as Turnitin, that are designed to discover plagiarism in works, but even those systems can be outmaneuvered. Cheating and plagiarism in work fields, however, are the furthermost dangerous. Fabricating research in STEM fields is also an issue, since science is supposed to be ‘factual’. Although, some people are making it everything but. Marine Science is a minor yet upcoming field. The study of our oceans and what lives in them has always been significant due to the importance of understanding bodies of water and what they do for us. Cheating and plagiarism in this field can be dangerous, for it provides false information in areas that cover about 75% of the Earth. Due to marine science’s minor, background role, it’s hard to know if there are elements of cheating in this field; but like all fields of study, there is room for plagiarism.
Daniel Alongi, 59, was a scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), the “key research body on the Great Barrier Reef.” This senior scientist was then
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