The Importance Of Cheating In School

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Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!
Topic: Should cheating be handled more severely from early?
In a child’s early youth, their minds are like brand new sponges, ready and willing to soak up information to learn all about the new life, that they have been dropped into. Younger or older, the pressure of life begins to sink in on them. This pressure desperately searches for an outlet, and cheating is one of the outlets. The concept of cheating is never really dwelt on in school, the teacher will just say “Don’t look onto your neighbor’s paper” occasionally but, don’t spend time to reinforce the meaning and severity of cheating in school. Picture a young grade schooler, who must go to school, basketball practice, study for the upcoming test and get to bed by 9pm to do it all over again. At times, this schedule can feel more overwhelming than usual, and to avoid disappointing their supporters, the child may take a shortcut to get things done. That first taste is all it takes for the child to realize, “Wow, that was easy. Maybe I should do it again since tomorrow is busy too”. The first-time offense turns into a habit and then spreads through to higher levels of learning. This innovative world is filled with competition, examination, and automation throughout school so, anyone that falls behind will be left in the dust. Overall, cheating in schools should be handled as more severe offenses from early, to prevent the children from setting themselves up for failure later.
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