The Importance Of Checking Bets In Poker

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Encountering tough decisions in poker is almost unavoidable, much like in real life, but thankfully, in poker, a solemn trick helps you overcome some of them, if not all. Not only can you set a price for yourself to see some other card with the help of a blocking bet in poker, but also overcome the odds of a big bet from your opponent's end when playing by the river.

Blocking a bet in poker is the best option when your position in the hand is ambiguous. For instance, consider that you are holding a pair of J and 9-2-2 is the flop that comes your way. You make the call immediately after betting the call. Your opponent will be pressurized as soon as you make a blocking bet, considering the fact that must be significantly smaller than the one by which the flop has been raised (You must also
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You can easily fool your opponent by calling a rather small blocking bet when a suit's third or a straight's forth (referred to as a scare card) appears on the turn or by the river. A blocking bet in poker can come in handy when there's a chance of falling prey to a large bluff. You could always face a bet big enough if you check, when your pot is driven by two pairs along with a scare card, which happens to come by the river. The notion of bluffing you would not cross the minds of your opponents if you manage to call a good enough blocking bet but you could face the heat at this point of the play provided that you aren't raised in any way.

Making a smaller blocking bet in comparison to the ones made beforehand is a strict nono. It might so happen that in an attempt scrape through cheaply, your opponent might sniff your intentions and play possum till he fools you with a huge bluffing bet. Blocking bets seldom backfire, provided that they aren't too small for the opponent to overlook. Otherwise these bets serve the purpose of retarding the pace of the game at your opponents end.

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