The Importance Of Chemical Interaction

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Kinetics is essentially the study of reaction rates and how they can be affected. Factors such as concentration, pressure, temperature, and enzyme activity, are commonly tested regarding their impact on the rate of a reaction (Khan Academy, 2017). It is important to recognise and understand the components that affect the rate of chemical reactions as this allows control over the reaction process. Chemical reactions progress naturally at different rates. A chemical reaction involves the rearrangement of the molecular or ionic structure of substances as they change into other substances by the breaking of bonds in reactants and the formation of bonds in products (Wilbraham, 2002). Collision theory can be used to explain why chemical reactions proceed at different rates. Collision Theory states that atoms, ions and molecules must collide in order for a reaction to proceed and form products (Stubbings, 2017). Thus, the higher frequency of successful collisions, the faster the reaction rate will be. Kinetic theory states that particles of matter are in constant motion thus, kinetic energy is the energy acquired as a result of an object's motion (Wilbraham, 2002). In order for collisions to be successful however the molecules must acquire a minimum amount of kinetic energy called their activation energy and they must collide at a precise orientation. The rate of reaction can be modified with the appropriate knowledge and understandings of the factors affecting the collisions of
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