The Importance Of Child Labor In The United States

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People, policies and technological advances helped shape our nation. People went on reforms to improve living conditions for everyone in the nation. Policies and technological advances were created and made the country flourish. Life right now is the result of people’ hard work.
Many people tried all sorts of methods to prohibit child labor. I am glad that child labor is banned because many children suffered injuries and long hours in the factories. I could understand them in their perspective. However, not many understand the families’ perspective. Their children were their source of income. They only survived with the money their child earned. People shouldn’t just ban child labor, and forget about the indigent families. The cause of child labor was the fact that families were poor. If it weren’t for money, people would rather send their children to school. To help both the family and the children, people could have offered more
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Washington, did attempt to prohibit discrimination and racism. I do not agree with his views on discrimination and racism. In order for a nation to prosper, everyone will need to work together. Washington believed that African Americans should yield to the white people. That means the whites will always feel superior over the African Americans. They will reject the South’s help because they feel like they are better than them so they don’t need the weak people’s help. How will the nation improve if discrimination and racism separates the white and the colored people? There won’t be any unity at all. Washington believed that his people were below the white people in terms of social status. How would his people feel about that? Many African Americans worked so hard to gain equality for their people. By saying white people are better, isn’t it discouraging the people to stop fighting for equality? It’s the same thing as saying there is no point because you have to accept the fact that you’re below everyone
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