The Importance Of Choosing And Completing An Experiential Learning Task

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The morning ritual for millions of Americans is waking up in the morning and drinking their favorite blend of coffee. What would happen if you didn’t drink coffee and changed this routine? How would you react? What would you do instead? What would you realize? Habits have this insurmountable power that can shape every aspect of our lives. From the way we dress, to what we eat, to how we communicate can all reflect back to comfort, personality, and routine with controlling aspects in our lives. We act this way because society believes it is acceptable or we dress this way to remain professional in the workplace. It’s possible this thought process could be translated towards culture since this identifiable factors can relate to our…show more content…
The Selection of Task Reasoning The selection of this task presented several reasons for choosing to work with confronting sexual orientation and homophobia. I initially was curious about working with task because of my current residence in relationship the task. In research conducted by Schrimshaw, Siegal, DowningJr., and Parsons (2013) outlined the correlations of socioeconomic status and social support as predictors of maintaining concealment of sexual orientation. Furthermore the impact of internalized homophobia of self and others can significantly impact an individual’s level of comfort associated with concealment. Personally, living in a town with varying levels of SES and social support of same sex couples led me to choose this task. Additionally, choosing this task led me to understand the perceptions of where I lived and to gain a deeper understanding related to further research necessary with this population. There were many reasons as to why I choose this task. It specifically led me to looking at the political perspective related to same sex couples. Research conducted by Slenders, Sieben, and Verbakel (2014) studied the relationship of tolerance amongst 40 European countries and found that the use of legislation and political party can influence or deter tolerance towards homosexuality. In

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