The Importance Of Choosing The Right To Die

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“Many people who are terminally ill decide to die with dignity and avoid the suffering for them, and their family.” Isaias Lozano. When you read this, you suddenly question yourself, would you do it or would you not? Considering this, Id probably be part of that percentage of the population that if it comes to that point would like to end it.

To make this decision people need to take many things into account, therefore it’s not something easy to choose, because in other words you are choosing between life and dead. The first thing Id probably would think about, would be, can my family take it? Can I fight a little longer? Or am I just done with the constant, physical and mental pain? If I come to the point where fighting through it is unbearable and no matter what I do I’m going to die, slowly and painful, Id choose leaving without any more suffering than the act itself of dying. Besides I feel its better knowing your mom wont see you go through any more pain, the point of this is kind of minimizing the collateral damage of the whole situation.
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In one hand there´s this debate with church, they say we don’t have the actual “right to die”, that a right is a moral claim, but we don’t have claim on death, rather than dead on us. By the bible speaking, they stand in front of this saying that we are not owners of our own life, we are all Christ sons and daughters and therefore he is the only one who cant take life away from us. There is not such a thing like “mercy killing” they feel there is not any relation between mercy and
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