The Importance Of Citation And An Acknowledgement

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The Importance of Citation A citation is both a signpost and an acknowledgement. As a signpost, it signals the location of your source. As an acknowledgement, it reveals that you are indebted to that source. A citation can appear in different formats: within the text (in-text citation) at the bottom of the page (footnotes ), or at the end of the paper (endnotes). Different disciplines use different formats. The mechanics of citing are complicated, and vary in each format. To answer specific questions on the mechanics of citation, please consult sources describing each type. You may find it most useful to think about how citations function as a way for you as a writer to communicate with your reader. By using citations, you keep the reader always apprised of whose idea or words you are using at any given time in each sentence and in each paragraph. Three Reasons Why Citation is Important Citation is important because it is the basis of academics, that is, the pursuit of knowledge. In the academic endeavor, individuals look at evidence and reason about that evidence in their own individual ways. That is, taking what is already known, established, or thought, they use their reasoning power to create new knowledge. In creating this knowledge, they must cite their sources accurately for three main reasons: Because ideas are the currency of academia First, citing sources is important because the currency of academia is ideas. As a result, academics want to accumulate
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