The Importance Of Civil Disobedience In The United States

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In my experience and opinion civil disobedience has positive and very important effect on our laws. Without civil disobedience and protest a free society isn't really free. Throughout history civil disobedience has overturned unjust laws, changed the way we see civil rights and has started both national and international conversations that have changed the course of history. On January 21st 2017 I took part in one of the many women's marches taking place all over the world. I heard about the march from my friend who is a freshman at Drexel she was going back to school early to take part in the Philadelphia march with her roommates. I stayed local and went to the New York march and it completely changed my life. I went to the march to march for my reproductive rights having access to all forms of birth control and everything that planned parenthood has to offer has become very important to me as I’ve gotten older. I have never found it to be my place or the place of others to tell me…show more content…
Sit ins, marches, and the bus boycott were all peaceful protests that changed the conscience of a nation and bettered our world. If people had just accepted the way that things were and hadn’t come together to say no this is wrong we would be living in a very different world. People in history, like Rosa Parks and Gloria Steinem, are American heros because they were brave enough to stand up or in Rosa Parks case sit down for that they believed in. They were non-violent and inspired millions of people who have come after them fighting for the same things for themselves and others. Civil disobedience is effective and important and a democratic society can’t function without it. In a democratic society we must be civilly disobedient when we disagree with a policy. Freedom is nothing without protest because without the ability to protest we are not really
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