The Importance Of Civil Liberties In The United States

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In the United States we follow the rules of what is called the “Constitution”. The constitution protects the rights of citizens living in the U.S. Does it really protect ALL rights? No, sadly it does not. The Constitution was created on September 17, 1787, by white men to benefit white men. Our current political climate in the United States infringes civil liberties and takes us back to the 1940s.

Our constitution was written and ratified to preserve law in this country. However, this brought a lot of problems to how the government interprets it now. The first amendment protects civil liberties such as freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Civil liberties and civil rights are two different
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This refer to the recent executive actions taken by our new president. The executive order titled, “Protection Of The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States”, undermines the first amendment since it targets a group of people which are the muslims. In the first amendment, citizens of the United States are allowed to practice any religion whether it is Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. During the 1940s, people targeted the blacks since they used to be slaves and the whites did not consider them as part of the country. For example, the ⅗ Compromise counted every five slaves as three individuals since the government believed they should not be counted as a whole. The setting of the “Lesson Before Dying” perfectly exemplifies that since it shows how Grant was treated when he arrived with his aunt at his old plantation.Henri Pichot, a plantation owner, believed Grant should still call him by “sir”. Today, society still underwhelms a group of people and they believe they are the threat to the nation. They believed Jefferson was a threat to society so their best solution is to execute him. Additionally, it revoked his civil…show more content…
If one amendment is broken for one American it is broken for all. For a country to be intact there must be order. Tante Lou believes that Jefferson should not be called hog because she wants him to die with dignity. She asks her nephew Grant to do her this favor in making Jefferson a man. Americans today are protesting and petitioning to correct the government’s mistake. In the constitution the people has the right to revolt the government if the government is not living up to the people’s expectation. The Women March On Washington is a perfect example how Americans can fight against the government. In the 1940s, the lower class did not have the liberties to revolt against the decision, so Tante Lou believes Grant should do something about it. Overall, the government supports the upper class and the Constitution is not imposed. In the 1940s, the Constitution only had twenty-two amendments. Today, our constitution now has twenty-seven amendments in which they were ratified to protect American civil rights and civil liberties. However, due to our new government it seems that some of these amendments are not enforced. We will soon live in a world where prejudice against foreigners will not exist and we will see color. In our current political state, who knows what can happen? We can potentially go back to the

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