The Importance Of Civil Rights And Amendments In The United States

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In the United States Civil rights and liberties are written in the constitution and bill of rights. The amendments we have already in place has been accepted by the majority for several generations. The government has not made a significant amount of changes to these amendments or rights we know we have. These laws are reinforced by both the state and the federal government. States can pass laws such as the legalization of marijuana. If a federal agent were to enter that same state in which they legalized marijuana, then they can arrest such citizen with marijuana in their possession because it is still illegal in regard to the national government. States can have laws but the absolute last say as to what is officially considered law falls on the federal government. Federal government which is also known as the national government it is the strongest form of government. State government is powerful as well but it has less power than the federal government. States still do have a lot of power they are not as restricted as one would think. Recently, the state of California has become a sanctuary for those that are undocumented. Also, several states have decided to continue with the environmental protocol called the Pairs agreement. Even though president Trump executed an executive order to stop following the Paris Agreement several states decided to keep abiding by it. The States do have a powerful influence when it comes to certain actions they decide to take. For when
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