The Importance Of Civil Rights

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Civil rights and liberties are defined within our “Constitution and particularly in the Bill of Rights” (Barbour, 124) to provide each citizen with rights and freedoms. Many American citizens of Muslim descent do not enjoy the same rights as others, especially freedom from discrimination by race and religion. It is important to research this topic because Muslims have been targeted and have been subject of religious and racial discrimination; they must constantly combat against discrimination to live peacefully in our society and to be treated equally and enjoy the same privileges as other citizens. It is also important to make sure that citizens coexist peacefully in a democracy where all people being governed have and enjoy the same privileges and freedoms as others in that same system. Unfortunately, at times the rights of individuals conflict with the rights of society (Barbour, 125). This paper poses the question: “Since Muslims historically have been denied rights and liberties that other Americans enjoy, have the September 11 terrorist attacks further contributed to deny their freedoms?” Through deductive research and evaluation of events and facts through history and specifically in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, this paper finds that Muslim rights and liberties have been violated. Historically and especially after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Muslims have been discriminated against because of their faith and their ethnic background and have not been able to enjoy the same freedoms as other Americans.
All through history Muslim Americans have suffered from discrimination as they were not able to create a unified identity strong enough to unify them as a group, mainly because of the very diverse ethnic backgrounds from different countries and cultures of origin. Muslims have lived in the United States for many years but “they have lived largely at the margins of political history” (Hacking, 4). In 2007 The United States had “a population of approximately
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1.5 million Muslims over the age of eighteen, and 850,000 under the age of eighteen” (Hacking, 1). Today we stand at approximately 3 million Islamic American citizens, which is 0.9% of the total population”

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