The Importance Of Civilization And Barbarism InWhat We Have To Lose?

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Civilization and barbarism – polar sides of humankind – have fought for dominance in the spirits and behavior of people. They cannot ideally co-exist, but defiantly do, which causes turmoil in lands across the world. Civilization supports the survival and prosperity of humankind while barbarism threatens the future of communities. In “What We Have To Lose,” Theodore Dalrymple explores the “fragility of civilization” and the merciless consequences of the command of barbarism through his childhood and professional years leading to the American tragedy of the collapse of buildings popularly known as the Twin Towers (Dalrymple 2). Dalrymple shares personal encounters and global events with barbarism to discuss the importance of protecting civilization, how barbarism is threatening the condition of civilization, and methods to intervene the progress and dismantle the enemy of civilization. Barbarity such as the one that brought down the World Trade Center buildings contributed to the reflection Dalrymple established on the vulnerability and capabilities of civilization. Dalrymple summoned the significance of civilization by declaring it enables the “reach for a richer mental, aesthetic, material, and spiritual life” (Dalrymple 2). Therefore, it is “worth defending” against any threats (Dalrymple 1). Civilization is an advanced social network that enables discoveries to be found, innovations to be developed, and progress to be made. These activities guarantee self-preservation and harmonious relationships. Civilization is a haven from corruption, violence, and ego around for people; however, this shelter is under constant threat. The ruthless nature of barbarism has successfully infiltrated lands, homes, and lives through its own enemy - civilization. Dalrymple has visited these places or learned about their troubled establishment. Fruitful areas have been transformed into chaotic and unrecognizable disasters. In Monrovia, public facilities such as hospitals, post offices, and homes were destroyed by a relentless force. Indeed, this was purposeful to persuade and convince the people they had no resources available to progress their resistance and hide from retribution. It was a common and unforgettable tactic by

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