The Importance Of Classing In High School

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It’s another day of sitting through seven periods. Seven hours. Seven classes. You find yourself in a hard chair daydreaming about your future. You think, “How is chemistry going to help me with my future in graphic designing?” Or maybe you’re wondering why it’s necessary for you to take that calculus class, when you want to become an English teacher. There are required classes that students must take throughout junior high and high school. Why should you waste your time daydreaming in those classes that don’t interest you? Students should get to choose a career track upon entering high school.

What type of classes are easier to learn from: classes that you have no interest in, or classes that you find interesting? 1.2 million students per-year drop out of high school in the U.S alone. (“Volunteer for Social change”) This fact shows us that students find going to school as uninteresting and not useful to their future. Students wouldn’t drop out of school, if they found a purpose in the courses they were taking. Yes, not everything you learn is going to be fun and interesting, but chances are the classes that you find easy to listen to and learn from, are interesting to you. You can take as many courses as you wish, but if you don’t find interest and daydream through them all, what are you getting out of it? High school should be enjoyable, not dreaded. When you love and are passionate what you are learning, the information is much easier to take in. When I get older, I

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