The Importance Of Classroom Management

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“Classroom management must reflect the personality and teaching style of the individual teacher and is a skill that must be learned, practiced, and evaluated, and modified to fit the changing situations in classrooms.” (Burden, 2017) For a teacher to find their model of discipline that works for them and their students it begins with trial and error. Nothing starts off smoothly but through time a teacher can find a wave of motion on what method of discipline would work for the flow of the classroom, the attitude of the students, and the teacher’s personality and comfort level. Throughout time teachers can find that flow of establishing the appropriate dominance in the classroom, other than being the adult. One of the methods for establishing the dominance of the classroom is to have clear expectations for the preferred behavior in the classroom, the teacher needs to set in stone the rules and procedures, and by providing consequences for the disruptive student behavior. The class can establish the rules and procedures through, possibly, a class discussion and everyone, the students and teacher, can be on mutual circumstances. Besides the clarity of the rules and procedures, the teacher needs acknowledge the students’ behavior; having the ability to reinforce between the acceptable behavior and the negative behavior and by respectfully putting out the consequences for the unruly behavior. Cooperation in the classroom will show the dominance and respect of both the students and teacher in respect to the students’ needs and opinions of the world around them. Cooperation focuses on the class to function as a team. Finding the respect of the class could start by providing flexible learning goals. Giving students that respect by letting them set their own milestones at the beginning of the unit can give everyone the sense of cooperation and sends out the message that the teacher cares. “A continuum showing a range of low to high teacher control can be used to illustrate the various educational views, and the various discipline models can be placed on the continuum. A model of discipline is a set of cohesive approaches to deal with establishing, maintaining, and restoring order in the classroom that represent a
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