The Importance Of Classroom Management

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Classroom management and effective teaching go hand in hand. In order to be an effective teacher, there needs to be a balance of both. If a classroom does not have classroom management then the teacher cannot teach effectively. For example, a class that does not have classroom management is a classroom in which the students call out, they do not listen to the rules and they do not have the consistency or a positive environment. In order to have class management, the class should be an environment in which both the students and teachers feel comfortable and the rules are understood, followed and respected. On page 83, Wong and Wong state, “ the most important thing a teacher can provide in the classroom during the first week of school is CONSISTENCY.” Consistency is important for classroom management because students must have structure and know what to do every day. If students do not know the routine, it disrupts the flow of the classroom and classroom structure. The teacher must understand the effectiveness of behavior management and what it takes to have a well-managed class. Teachers should also work hard to provide consistency in their classroom. Breaks are a frequent recommendation in classrooms to give students and their brains a break from learning. According to an article by Tiffani Mugurussa, “Everyone needs a brain break occasionally, especially little learners who have been working hard all day” (Murgurussa, 2013). From previous experience as a teacher, brain
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