The Importance Of Clean Drinking Water Pollution

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The sustenance of safe and quality drinking water is increasingly becoming an urgent priority due to global pollution. It means that maintaining clean drinking water requires effective policies, regulations, and acts that identify, document, and eliminate health risks in all potable water sources. Water pathogenic microorganisms must be understood and identified in water sources because they have a relationship with acute and chronic illnesses. Surface water could quickly change because of human waste, chemicals, and organic nutrients. Water disease outbreaks could occur due to inadequate water treatment facilities, illegal dump sites, and outdated water lines/infrastructure. Policies made across the world must include the goal of
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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a drinking water quality value represents the constituent concentration that results in no health risk to a consumer over an extended period of consumption. It must be sustainable for human consumption. Guidelines available must be followed to ensure clean water supply for the consumers. When enforcing government acts the local, socioeconomic, geographical, and cultural factors are accounted within the acts. In each country relevant authorities must look at all considerations when setting policies concerning water quality issues. The matter of water quality maintenance must include everyone because leaving them only to agencies of water control may lead to a conflict of interest (WHO, 2004). Water analysis alone cannot maintain clean water and combined with periodic review and policy compliance is vital. Reviewing and acceptance of any type of water treatment facilities form a necessary basis for the maintenance of quality drinking water. According to the WHO, quality drinking water contains no pathogens and bacteria indicative of fecal matter and that regular water samples should be taken and examined to ensure good quality drinking water. The presence of Escherichia Coli in water is a potential indicator of fecal matter. Clean drinking water must not contain any trace of bacteria once the sample is analyzed. The provision ensures that, quality, pathogen free
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